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Oceantiger C# Designer  v.1 7

With this source code editor and IDE you will be able to edit and compile C# documents. It has tools for generating C# code either by template, auto completion or by generating with one of the wizards in the program.

Carbide.c++  v.3 20

The Carbide.c IDE is designed from the ground up for developers creating Symbian C software for Symbian devices.


ActiveDeveloper  v.2.1.9

ActiveDeveloper is a Runtime Objective-C IDE that takes an Object and Development oriented approach to merging Objective-C Development and Debugging into ONE single combined activity - as opposed to the more Debugging and C stack level oriented appro

WeatherDan  v.8.0.0

WeatherDan is a FREE C#.NET virtual 'weatherman' that runs in your system tray... but unlike the guy on your local news, this weatherman is always right!

AlexKlm EasyDE

C++ IDE, 1.5 Mb, any tools attachable (external), backup check, colored editors. C to C++ comment convertion. Integration with autor's C++ Editor and SearchEdit. Tested on Borland, GCC, Intel and Microsoft command-line tools. The program is itself

Echo 2009

Echo - An Email-based approach to file storage and sharing, which helps you to Access your files: - Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace. 1. Free C It wont cost you a cent ever. 2. Super Fast C Echo will compress highly your files and split it as multiple

IronPython Studio  v.1.0

IronPython Studio is a free full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Python programming language. It is based on the existing IronPython example that is included in the VS SDK.

SmartWin++  v.2.0

SmartWin is a 100% free C GUI and SOAP library for developing Windows applications both on Desktop, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows CE based systems, it's free both as in 'free beer' and as in 'free speech', you can freely use SmartWin for comme

Web Cartoon Maker Desktop Edition  v.1 3

Desktop Edition is a WCM C IDE which can be run on your Windows desktop. You'll be able to save and load your scripts locally. The compiler and library are located online but you get a look and feel of a standalone application.

XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition 7.40 (VC7.0)  v.7.3

A set of classes built on the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

CDTSplint  v.0.0.1

This project attemps to integrate the Eclipse CDT C/C++ IDE and the Splint static checker.

Auto C  v.3.6.56

Auto C is used to create user interfaces in the C programming language. Create the skeleton for a generic SDK C Windows application by drawing controls on a form. Use a toolbox, properties box and property pages in a visual-style WYSIWYG environment.

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